Improve threat detection through automation and orchestration.

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Threat detection is an inherently difficult practice due to cunning adversaries and evolving attack methods. Instead of taking a reactive approach, companies can use global security telemetry to identify threats in the wild before they arrive howling at the gates.

Through integrated processing of malware and enumeration of new Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), organizations can proactively collect IOCs and feed these into detection systems. Furthermore, automated collection and aggregation of malware data can provide context that streamlines security event analysis.

Join this webinar with experts Steve Miller of Anomali, Jessica Bair of Cisco Threat Grid and Jeremy Linden of Cisco Umbrella; as they discuss automation of malware analysis for security operations. Visit the Cisco Marketplace to learn more.

This brief, technical webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Proactive collection of global security data 
  • Ideas for automating collection and integrated sandboxing of suspicious files 
  • Malware analysis as part of the intelligence lifecycle 

Watch the recording of the webinar!

© Cisco Umbrella, 2017

The webinar is now available on-demand.

 Jeremey Linden
 Investigate Product Manager
 Cisco Umbrella

 Jessica Bair
 Senior Manager
Cisco Threat Grid

 Steve Miller
 Senior Threat Intelligence Analyst