Secure your journey through the cloud

How to secure access and usage of the cloud and give organisations confidence that all employees and data are protected


Paul D'Cruz
 Systems Engineering Manager
 Cisco Umbrella

Luke Hebditch
 Consulting Systems Engineer
 Cisco Umbrella

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We live in a cloud-first world. What’s more, that world increasingly leans on multiple clouds for success. Whether it’s public, private or hybrid environments, organisations are leveraging the benefits of the multi-cloud world to drive operational efficiencies, scale quickly and expand growth. Multiple clouds allow for greater flexibility, and the ability to leverage the most appropriate cloud-services from different providers.

Yet while the benefits are clear, securing multi-cloud environments is complex. Securing workloads and protecting data in a consistent fashion across diverse cloud providers, technologies and use cases remains a challenge. And with a recent report suggesting 84% of companies today use multiple clouds, it’s a common issue across all industry verticals.

So how do you deploy effective security for a multi-cloud world? How do you secure both access to the cloud and usage of it? How do you get greater visibility into those environments and reduce the risk of attack? And what do the tools and methodologies for greater cloud security look like?

Join us for this webinar on Tuesday, June 11th where we will cover how you can secure your journey to the cloud whilst ensuring you keep full protection, visibility and compliance of your organisation.



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Date and Time: Tuesday, June 11th at 11 a.m. BST / 12 p.m. CEST

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