Threat Landscape 

How to predict, spot and mitigate threats


Shyam Ramaswamy
Threat Researcher
 Cisco Cloud Security

Fernando Ferrari
Consulting Systems Engineer
Cisco Cloud Security

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We live/surf in a cyber world where attacks like APT, DDOS, Trojans and Ransomware are common/complex and easy to execute. Domain names are integral part of any business today. Well, domain names are apparently integral part of an attacker's plan too. Domain names are carriers of malwares, act as Command and Control servers and malwares ex-filtrate data too.

In today's threat landscape predicting threats, spotting threats and mitigating them is super crucial. If we get little technical, it is called Visibility and Analytics.

Join this session with cloud security experts Shyam Ramaswamy and Fernando Ferrari as they talk about how Cisco Umbrella and The Umbrella Research team detect anomalies, block threats and identify compromised hosts. 

The experts also discuss how effectively Cisco spot, react, filter out IOC, block the network communications of a malware; identify and stop a phishing campaign (unknown ones too).



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© Cisco Umbrella, 2017

Date and Time: Thursday, April 25th at 11 a.m. BST / 12 p.m. CEST

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